First, find an issuance you are interested in through our explore page. Issuances that are accepting bids through the Open Book Initiative will have a clear “Place a bid” button.

Click “Place a bid” to view the issuance page for the offering. Here you can read about the project in the Project details tab, browse documents like the Preliminary Official Statement in the Documents tab, and place your bid in the Investment options tab:

If an issuance is open for bids, the investment options tab on the issuance page will show what bonds are available for purchase. 

The first thing you need to do is choose the right bond maturity for you – in other words, when would you like your investment paid back? Consider how soon you want your money back, what other liabilities you might have in the future and what other assets you have (read more about how to pick a suitable investment here).

Once you’ve chosen a bond maturity, such as three or five years, it’s as simple as naming the minimum yield you would accept, and deciding how much you’d like to invest. Next to each bond, you can see a comparable reference yield provided by Bloomberg so you can know what yields similar bonds are currently offering.

Type into the Minimum yield and Order amount fields to make your choices. You’ll be able to select multiple bonds, at different prices.

Click Place a bid to submit your bid to Neighborly. Provide us with some basic information so we can record your bid. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to give you more information about the upcoming issuance.

We’ll alert you when the bonds go on sale, so you can see how the deal is priced, and finalize your order. 

In the meantime, sign up here to be investment-ready when the bonds go on sale and to get access to our exclusive research on the municipal bond market. Happy bidding!

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Placing a bid represents an indication of interest for the issuance. It is not considered an order, and does not guarantee that you will be allocated bonds.

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