How do you plan to use your Neighborly account?

We curate investment opportunities to provide options that are relevant to your interests and goals. However, all investment opportunities have different levels of risk. We want to match you with opportunities that fit the balance of risk and return that suits your goals.

What is your investment experience?

To help us determine your overall comfort level with investing, please provide your best guess at how many years of experience you have with each investment type that applies to you. We use this information to match you with opportunities that meet your comfort level.

What is your primary investment objective? 

We want to support you in making investing decisions by providing you opportunities that align with your short or long-term goals.

How much of your investment would you be willing to risk losing if doing so could lead to higher returns?

As a registered broker-dealer, we want to help you access investment opportunities that fit your investment profile and personal goals.

When is the earliest you expect to need funds from this account?

Certain investment opportunities may restrict your ability to withdraw your money for a fixed period of time. In these cases, you may choose to sell your investment, subject to market conditions.

How much would you like to invest, on average, per investment?

This is not a commitment to invest. We want to curate investment opportunities that fit your budget.

What investments do you currently hold?

To help us determine what investments will fit best into your existing holdings, please provide your best guess at how much you are currently holding (in dollars) of each investment type that applies to you, as well as the name of the brokerage company managing your investment. If you don’t have any current investments, you can choose “No current investments” and continue.

What proportion of your portfolio are you planning to invest with Neighborly?

We want to help you create a balanced portfolio of investments that matches your investment profile and overall goals.

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